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Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions from our customers. If you still have any thoughts or questions please contact us at:

Please note that our online store is operating as usual, and orders are sent out with the highest safety measures being taken at our warehouse. There might be a slight delay in delivery and returns and we apologize for the inconvenience caused. 


How do I track my order? 

Once your order is shipped you will receive an email notification with a tracking number. Use the tracking number to follow your shipment and to see scheduled delivery date. For any questions regarding the schedule and delivery of your order please contact the courier directly.  

What are your processing and delivery times?

We strive to always process and ship orders within 48h and in no longer than five business days during peak season.

Please note that the below is the estimated shipping times for the package to be delivered to you, once your order has been processed by our warehouse and picked up by the courier. 

Standard shipping service: 1-3 business days

Express shipping service: 1-2 business days

Standard shipping service: 2-6 business days

Express shipping service: 2-3 business days

United Kingdom
Standard shipping service: 2-6 business days
Express shipping service: 2-3 business days

USA and Canada
Standard shipping service: 2-6 business days

Express shipping service: 2-3 business days

Rest of the World
Standard shipping service: 2-6 business days

Express shipping service: 2-3 business days

What are the shipping and return costs? 

Standard - Free
Express - 20EUR
Returns - 10EUR (deducted from refund amount)

Europe (non EU)
Standard - 15EUR
Express - 30EUR
Returns - 10EUR (deducted from refund amount)

Standard - 15GBP
Express - 25GBP
Returns - 15GBP (deducted from refund amount)

Standard - 30EUR
Express - 50EUR
Returns - 20EUR (deducted from refund amount)

Standard - Free
Express - 100kr
Returns - Free

USA and Canada
Standard - 20USD/CAD
Express - 30USD/CAD
Returns - 20USD/CAD (deducted from refund amount)


What delivery options do you offer? 

All orders are shipped with DHL Express and/or DHL service point, or UPS. Your order will either be delivered to a service point for collection or delivered to your delivery address. To find more details regarding your order and delivery please use the tracking number and link provided in the shipping confirmation email we send out once your order is shipped.  


I changed my mind. Can I cancel my order? 

We process each order immediately upon receiveal. If you wish to cancel your order, email us at and we will do our best to help. Please, note that we can’t guarantee that an order can be cancelled and if your order has already been processed you need to return it to us after receiving the package delivery. 


What if I don’t accept/collect my order? 

We will charge 25€ for declined items, e.g. if you fail to reschedule a missed delivery attempt, refuse to sign for or will not pick up the order at your pick-up point. If you change your mind about things you ordered contact us at immediately. You still have to collect your package and return it back to us. 


I am wondering about customs and import charges related to my order? 

All orders to countries within the EU and the UK are sent DDP (Delivered duty paid). All orders to the rest of the world are shipped “DDU”/“delivered duty unpaid” which means that they may be subject to customs duties and taxes. Monokel Eyewear are not able to answer any questions regarding the amount charged or any other customs/import related questions as this is handled and governed by the destination country. 



Can I exchange my product? 

We are currently unable to handle direct exchanges. If you wish to change your product for a different one please follow the return instructions below to return your first purchase and place a new order. 


How do I return my product? 

We hope you will enjoy your new monokel eyewear sunglasses. If you are not satisfied with your sunglasses you have 14 days from the day of receiving your order to return them.

In order to return the sunglasses, please follow the instructions below:

- Notify us of your return within 14 days of receiving your order, by emailing us at

Return label

- A return label will be included in your original shipment. 

- Attach the return label to the return box and remove any old shipping labels.

- Navigate to or to schedule a pick-up time or see available service points where the package can be dropped off (we are not able to assist or answer questions regarding the available services as they may vary in different countries)

- We cannot accept and process returns made from outside shipping methods. Returns that do not adhere to our policies will not be refunded or reshipped back to you.

- You will only be notified once the return shipment has been delivered to us and sunglasses checked at our warehouse. When we have received the sunglasses and checked that they are in original condition and packaging we will process the refund and you will receive a notification email. Note, that the costs for the return will be deducted from the amount refunded.  

- We will not be able to answer any questions regarding the delivery status of your return shipment until it has been delivered to us. For any questions regarding the shipment while in transit please contact DHL/UPS directly. 

- monokel eyewear are not able to refund customs duties and taxes on orders shipped outside the EU and the UK. However, you may be able to recover these by contacting your local customs bureau directly.


I have lost the return label, what can I do? 

In case you have lost your return label you can email us at, within 14 days of receiving your order, and we will send a new return label via email. 



Are your sunglasses protective against the harmful Ultraviolet light?

All monokel eyewear sunglasses are 100% UV protective and in compliance with European, USA, Australian and New Zealand standards. 


What does lens category mean? 

Sunglasses are categorized based on the amount of light that can pass through the lens. The measurement is called visible light transmission, VLT%, and states the percentage of light that can pass through a lens. Note that the lens category and darkness of the lenses do not affect the UV protection of the lenses. 


lens category


Which category are your sunglasses? 

All our sunglasses are 100% UV protective and between lens cat. 1 and 3, see below list for each of our lens colors and respective category.  

Cat 1
blue gradient lens

yellow gradient lens
orange solid lens
brown gradient lens

Cat 2
pink solid lens 

Cat 3 
grey solid lens

grey single gradient lens
green solid lens
grey mirror lens



How do I clean the lenses?

Always use a micro fiber cloth when cleaning your sunglasses. If needed add a drop of lotion free dishwashing liquid to some lukewarm water and use to clean the lenses. Rinse thoroughly with tap water. 


Should I clean the frames on the sunglasses? 

Salt water, sweat, sand and sun lotion can cause discoloring to the frames and lenses. Remember to clean the frames with a drop of lotion free dishwashing liquid in some lukewarm water from time to time.


The sunglasses are too loose/tight, Can I adjust the fit of the sunglasses? 

All our sunglasses and temples are designed and crafted in premium materials to ensure that they can be easily fitted without having to apply heat. If adjusting an acetate frame for the first time, We suggest visiting a local optician to ask for help with fitting and instructions on how you can adjust the frame safely yourself if needed in the future.


Hinges and screws

All our screws are covered with teflon to keep the hinges smooth. Note that the screws need to be tightened occasionally as they can come loose with wear. If you do not have a small enough screw driver on hand a local optician might be able to help. If you have lost a screw for the hinge please visit the store where you bought the sunglasses and ask for a replacement or contact us at with your delivery adress, model and color of the sunglasses and a photo of the hinge and we will send a replacement.


Do you offer warranty on your products?
All monokel eyewear sunglasses are warranted against breakage due to defects in material or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Our warranty is valid only with proof of purchase from an Authorized Monokel Eyewear Dealer. The warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective product only. 


How do I make a warranty claim?
E-mail us at with your purchase information and warranty issues. We will then send further information on how to proceed with the claim.


Are there any limitations to the warranty?
Alteration, misuse or abuse of your sunglasses will void its warranty.
Damage from physical abuse such as dropping the product or impact from hard objects.
Damage due to excessive high or low temperature.
Damage due to inappropriate storage.
Damage resulting from any use other than that it was intended for.
Damaged or scratched lenses